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What Women Need to Know About Men’s Health

What Women Need to Know About Men’s Health

Dear Healthy Men: As a wife, daughter, sister, and mother of two boys, I’m surrounded by men. What do I need to know about men’s health? A: I’ve always maintained that men’s health is a women’s issue, since when men are healthier, their partners become healthier too...
The Long and the Short of It (No, Not That…)

The Long and the Short of It (No, Not That…)

Dear Healthy Men: I’m only 5’7” and over my whole adult life, I feel that it’s been harder for me to date than for my friends who are taller than I am. And lately I’ve started to wonder whether there are any other issues, health included, that might affect short men...
Improving Health and Wellbeing for Men, Boys, and Families

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Men and women express their emotions very differently, but too many mental health professionals don’t recognize the symptoms men and boys have. As a result, while more women are diagnosed with anxiety and depression, four times more men than women commit suicide. In this important free book, we discuss stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues as they are experienced by men and boys. This book could save your life—or that of a loved one.

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