Vegetative No Longer?…Using electroencephalogram (EEG) machines, scientists found that patients previously thought to be a in vegetative state showed full signs of brain activity.   In one group of subjects, 20% of patients who were deemed unresponsive showed the exact same response as healthy volunteers.  These findings could lead to major changes in the care and treatment of brain-injury victims.  To read more, look at here.

Ineffective Procedure…Doctors had hoped a surgery would be able to prevent strokes in people with poor circulation to the brain.  However, after a $20 million study, it was found that the operation was not helping patients.  More details about the study can be found at here.

Pack Photos Nixed…The FDA tried to have a law passed that would require tobacco companies to put large graphic warnings on cigarette containers.  However, on Monday, Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that the pictures weren’t factual and blocked the requirement from passing.  The pictures included photos of a corpse, and a man breathing smoke out of a tracheotomy holes. Read more here.


Diet Drug Reconsidered…The FDA rejected an experimental weight-loss drug about a year ago, on the basis that it could lead to birth defects.  However, the pharmaceutical firm Vivus Inc., is asking the FDA to reconsider Qnexa for limited approval.  In a study  conducted, subjects who took Qnexa for a year lost about 14% of their body weight. Read more here