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By just twitter stalking #APHA11 or even our Editor-in-Chief, @SonnyPatel, (it is okay, I write for him), I am learning so much from the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting, and I am not even there! I am at home in LA with “chilly” 71 degrees outside and learning about the latest research and news in the field of public health being shared in DC. From working in the business world, I was amazed about the free publicity and endorsements being made on twitter from attendees. So many were willing to tweet quotes, statistics, and announcements from their meetings and/or sessions. I even read outlandish comments on how the nightlife in DC was amazing. I remember one saying how the nightlight in Dupont Circle was invaded by the students who were attending the Annual Meeting. One student summed up the night very straightforward: “In DC At <insert local restaurant/lounge> greatest time ever…”

I understand that the information discussed at the Annual Meeting should be disseminated to everyone, but still, that’s free marketing and I can’t say most business companies or even professionals would be tweeting anything free without a strategic deal for them to make money or enhance their career. I think that’s why I admired everyone tweeting so much this weekend, especially the tweets about Men’s Health. Guys like me, who are not in the field, should have the same access to those who are, especially if we are going to get more men to live a better and healthier lifestyle, in order to extend the quality of life.

With that said, any companies at the Annual Meeting want a paid endorsement deal with HealthyMenToday or with me? Let me know!