Gardasil for Boys: The HPV vaccine, Gardasil, has long been touted as a near-must for young females.  Now, the Center for Disease Control is recommending that boys, from 11-21, should also get the vaccine.  A killer of over 7,000 men a year, doctors think these rates could drastically drop if the set of 3 shots can be given to everyone.  Read more at here. 

Cancer Causer: Lung cancer has always been famously linked to the cigarette.  However, 3 new studies have found that the #1 cancer killer may also be associated with heavy drinking.  While further research needs to be done, it appears that those who consume more than 3 alcholic beverages per day have an increased risk of developing the cancer. Read more here.

Extra Risk: Birth control pills have always carried a small risk of the user developing blood clots.  New birth control pills, those containing synthetic hormones such as the popular Yaz, are showing an even more increased risk than unusual.  In one study, Yaz users were 75% more likely to develop a blood clot than women using older formulas.  The FDA will hold a meeting on Dec. 8th to discuss the issue.  To follow this story, check out here.

Tumor Increase: For women who have trouble getting pregnant, in-vitro fertilization is often one of the most rewarding choices.  Recently, a large 15 year study found that IVF users were twice as likely to develop ovarian tumors as those who did not undergo the treatment.  However, the researches are saying the overall risk is still very low for those looking to use IVF, and further studies need to be conducted.