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Everyone knows or at least should know that to recover from an injury, the doctor usually orders you to get some R & R (in this case it is Rest & Rehab, as in this case you are definitely not relaxing but quite the opposite). I understand that during this rough patch you are restricted physically from your daily routines due to this blasphemous injury. Emotions might be high with frustrations and high contempt.  But where most do not realize, there is a need for you to change your lifestyle – at least temporarily to alleviate the pain (physically and emotionally) that comes from an injury.

When you are your “usual self” (being active and eating right), you can splurge a little in your calorie and fat intake.  However, what most us do not realize during injury is that we tend to eat of character.  For most, we are in the “self pity” mode or lacking our “self-identify,” that  we, out of character, binge. That Haagan Daz ice cream carton is not going to help the recovery process, fellas – trust me.  This is just an example, maybe an extreme one, but you are unknowingly increasing your intake (plus the occasional guilt food) and you cannot traditionally burn it off the way you normally do.

I am here to tell you Wake Up! And smell the orange juice! (That coffee smell does not do it for me – don’t drink coffee but that’s another post)

DO NOT feel sorry for yourself. Injuries happen to us all! Take this as another challenge (even though it is more mental than physical) to test your self-will to be healthy and recover without the unhealthy weight.  So when you are cleared by the Doc, you will be in a better position to get back into shape quicker.

Below are a few guidelines I like for you to take under consideration whenever you find yourself on the shelf for a while:

  • Watch what you eat with a microscope.  Not literally, but this is a time to eat even healthier than usually. Avoid high sugar foods and high saturated fat items.  You may have to decrease your normal intake.
  • Find another activity. During the time you usually work out, do something new – Read a book, write a blog for HealthyMenToday, challenge your mind & forget the pain
  • Be patient and keep the faith/hope.  It is not end the world and stressing out is not going to speed up the recovery.
  • Create a to-do list.  You do not truly appreciate and realize it until you are unable to do yourself.
  • Ask for help and go to your support team. Recognize this as stress as you do for work, because it is.

By the time you are in the midst of this challenge, you will already be down the road to recovery.  Who knows, maybe you will take a new view on life.