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June is upon us and we know what that means. Father’s day is here.  You may think it is just another hallmark holiday, but it is more than a commercialized shopping frenzy. Father’s Day is about showing your respect and admiration to a man who took raising a child seriously in this cold cruel world. A father is an unadvertised hero who don’t do it for money, fame, or 30 seconds on Regis and Kelly. He did it for you (the child). He tried his best to show you the difference between right and wrong, regardless of the situation with your mother. He showed up everyday to each of your sporting event, even though you never played a single minute. He was there…and for that, you should thank him.

Although you shouldn’t need a specific day to show your respect and love to your father, Father’s day, to me, is a perfect time when you can break from your busy life and really express (or even understand) your father’s worth. Now worth in this context does not mean money but as is if they no longer exist, how will your world change? Crazy, right? I don’t want to think in the world of “what ifs” but for those who don’t treat their fathers right daily, especially in the month of June, should really contemplate the question of what is a father’s worth?