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There is a controversial debate about whether it’s appropriate to flirt with a member of the opposite sex at the gym.  Some people view the gym as a proverbial meat market…whereas others are focused on just working out and they don’t want to be bothered.
I’m agnostic to the thought of flirting at the gym, but I can certainly see both sides of the argument:

To flirt:

  1. As you get older, it gets tougher to meet someone on a romantic level. The gym has plenty of people roaming around and there’s no harm in striking up an innocent conversation at the water fountain.
  2. You are going to meet someone with at least one similar interest as you (staying fit) so that’s already a pre-determined bonus.  In addition, if that person is at the gym after 5pm like you are, chances are they just came from work (another big bonus).
  3. If it’s acceptable to meet someone while shopping for food at the grocery store, it’s certainly acceptable to meet someone at the gym.
  4. No make-up.  Girls aren’t wearing make-up and they don’t have their hair done, so you get to see and admire their natural beauty.  On the flip side, guys aren’t drunk or hanging with their 18 buddies like they would at a bar, so you don’t get to meet Mr. Macho either.  In other words, you have an opportunity to see the real person and how they naturally behave on a day to day basis.
  5. There’s no pressure.  Partaking in on-the-fly conversations with someone doesn’t illicit any type of commitment to do anything.  It’s harmless and you don’t have to provide those bad pick up lines.
  6. 3 words – tight spandex pants.  How can you deny the desire go out with a girl who can rock the spandex?

Not to flirt:

  1. People go to the gym and pay a membership to exercise. If they wanted to socialize with members of the opposite sex, they would go to a local bar or sign up for online dating.
  2. Some females don’t like being hit on when they are perspiring or in gym clothes.
  3. If you do go out with someone that you met at the gym and it doesn’t work out, your future trips to the gym has potential to put you in an awkward situation.
  4. The person may not be single.
  5. Some people have the mentality of “don’t poop where you sleep!”

If you do decide to talk to someone, please follow these simple rules:

  1. Be respectful and courteous.  And don’t get mad if you get rejected. Take it in stride.
  2. Don’t stalk the person.
  3. Don’t be creepy. (see rule #2)
  4. Don’t ask her to help you spot when you’re benching weight you don’t normally bench.  Don’t ask her for a spot, period.  Treat her like a female, not your trainer.
  5. Don’t interrupt someone in mid-set.
  6. Don’t smell.  Use deodorant. Have that Old Spice swagger.

  8. Be strategic – If you are going to make a move, it’s best to do it when you first get there or after your shower.  Don’t ask a girl to go out with you after you just ran 3 miles on the treadmill as you gasp for oxygen.
  9.  Don’t request or expect a date after your first conversation.  Warm up to the person.  Start with the small talk for a few times and let them build their trust and comfort in you.
  10. When you do ask them out, request a quick activity, like a smoothie or coffee break (or some other activity she’s interested in that you learned about during previous conversations)
  11. Be selective.  If you hit on every girl in Pilates class, it looks desperate  and you’ll be known as “that guy.”


What do you all think? To flirt, or not to flirt?  I’d like to hear your feedback and thoughts, so feel free to share your comments and experiences.