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I was driving on the freeway the other day – as some of you may have notice by now I do that quite a bit and saw this billboard (pictured above) that read – “Diets Fail” – and call now for the lap band surgery to lose weight.  I tell you this lap band system/company has increased its marketing expenditure in radio campaigning more recently and starting to include testimonials as well.

The company’s goal? It is trying to sell its product to the masses and in doing so pushing the wrong message – that diet fails and that it is just an easy procedure – gastric banding. So easy that you can be looking great by shedding all these pounds in moments. So it must be risk free? No, it is not. No matter what they say, there are risks to surgeries like the lapband, no matter how invasive it is.

As stated on the website of the UC San Diego’s Medical Center, “the gastric banding procedure works by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold by placing an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach.” Just from the description, this gastric banding must be a surgery that should be for those where being obese is threatening their lives and is the last resort.  I understand that there are studies out there stating that people generally fail to produce permanent weight loss. I guess these studies at least concede that there are successes out there – people are eating right and exercising.  There are motivated people who continue to care about their health and take an active approach to being healthy. For those who do not do either one of these – you have an uphill battle but it can be done, which can change your lifestyle permanently.

On the TV show the Biggest Loser – do they show this surgery on TV? No – it is pure sweat, blood and tears. Since those contestants have to lose quite a bit of weight and many of them are overweight to a point that is life threatening.

To steal a segment from the Family Guy – “What really grinds my gears” – businesses that increase its profits at the expense of demoting living healthy and demolishing people’s lives. No wonder people fail to maintain their weight loss – society has misplaced its values in supporting a healthy population with money and profit getting.

If you want to lose weight, be consistent and make it your ritual because your life really do depend on it. It is not easy but it is quite simple.

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