“Getting motivated is like switching the engine of a car and starting to move.”
~Remez Sasson

Since our opening last October, we provided informative and insightful articles to educate and motivate you to a healthier lifestyle. We have a growing readership and love the interactions we have exchanged on Facebook and Twitter…so now, we at HealthyMenToday.com want to do our part to help you move to a healthier lifestyle by providing you access to a local health-related resource. We know that healthy items or health-related stores could be out of your comfort zone or even intimidating if you are not accustomed to it. You probably have to really feel adventurous to try it especially for items that are higher cost. In this economy, nothing is a sure, so that is why we at HealthyMenToday.com and LocalPages.com teamed up to give our readers a $50 giveaway to a health-related store that is listed on LocalPages.com. We hope you will use it to explore your local health-related businesses, such as a fitness center, health store, or even alternative medicine.

How to enter the giveaway?

4 ways to enter the giveaway.

1) Put a comment to this post with a LocalPages.com link of a health-related business you would like your $50 prize to, along with a short reason why you want it. (Count as 20 entries)

2) You must follow HealthyMenToday on Twitter, then tweet “Follow @HealthyMenToday & #GetMotivated” (each tweet will be count for 1 entry)

3) You must be a Facebook Fan of HealthyMenToday and suggest the Fan page to at least 5 friends of your friends, then write on the Fan page, “I am motivated to be healthy – what about you?” (will count for 15 entries)

4) Join our email list via MailChimp or send an email to Sonny@HealthyMenToday.com (Count for 5 entries)

All entries must be complete between 1 am (PST) on April 18 to 6 pm (PST) on April 22.  The winner will be picked randomly and will be announced in next week’s Motivation Mondays on Monday, April 25.  You can increase your chance on winning by the submitting more entries. Again, the prize will be a $50 gift certificate to your local health-related business of your choice that is listed on LocalPages.com.

Just like today’s quote, sometimes you just need that one thing that will get you going, and we hope that the 50 dollar prize will do that for you. If you have any questions, please contact Sonny at Sonny@HealthyMenToday.com