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Healthy Men Today Special Post – Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How can you provide assistance to the survivors of the Japan earthquake and tsunami?

While I watched the images from Japan that were constantly on repeat this weekend, I began looking for opportunities to help. I wanted to share a short compilation of resources for readers of Healthy Men Today to do the same.

There are a large number of organizations that are providing direct assistance on the ground in Japan this week. Summaries of these organizations can be found on the following websites:

This post on Tumblr has been constantly reblogged in both English and Japanese. You can choose an organization to donate funds to or reblog with your Tumblr account to help spread the word.

It has the same information as the Huffington Post and CNN sources many have linked to already. I provide all three links to you because I have encountered problems pulling up all three of these sites and want to make sure you have the most recent list. Both the Huffington Post and CNN links have been updated each day. If these do not work for some reason, the CNN Impact Your World section has fact-checked updates and links to these organizations, as well.

Celebrities are also rallying their fans in support for Japan. Two of the most notable efforts are Lady Gaga’s support bracelet and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s creative collaborative website, Hit Record.

If you are not sure which organization you would like to select to donate your funds, NetworkForGood can equally distribute your donation among all of the charities.

If you can’t afford to make a donation, you can learn how spread the WORD about assisting organizations!

Our thoughts are with everyone in Japan, as well as those just north of us who were affected on the northern California coast.