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Factual Fridays – Friday, February 25, 2011

Everyone can eat healthy on a budget.  Don’t believe me?  Here are tips and tricks from some of the best.

An Oxymoron or The Way of the Future?  Food Stamps and Organic Foods

I was inspired this week by Jenni Grayson’s incredible article of practical tips for eating organic on food stamps in the Huffington Post .   It is one of my favorite articles ever written on the subject of healthy eating on a budget.  Food stamps – called SNAP nationally and CalFresh in California – has become a reality for more people as times get financially more difficult across the country.  While programs like FSNEP publish healthy eating education materials on a regular basis, Jenni’s tips reign supreme for me.  I highly recommend that you click through each of the links she includes.  Each and every one is unique, useful, and a money saver!  Here’s a rundown with a few of my own links:

Jenni will be putting her tips to the test and writing a follow-up column.  I hope you’ll stay tuned with me for an update! (And, no, I don’t just love her because she has the best name ever 😉

Still Need More Tips?  30 Ways in 30 Days

Imagine how much of an improvement you can make in your food budget with just a few of these 30 tips from the CDC.  Just in time for March’s National Nutrition Month)!  I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites:

Do you think you can eat healthier on a budget?  If not, what do you think stands in your way?  If so, what are your favorite tips?

Jenn Jackson, MPH

The Nutrition Nerd

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