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We are not going to lie…2011 is the year about changes. Change is inevitable. Whether you are changing your lifestyle to fit a healthier one or just changing your looks, results could vary from changes. In most cases, changes are great, especially when they are due to feedback received.

Over the last couple months, HealthyMenToday (HMT) went through a comprehensive in-house review process. This process was to ensure that we, as a site and a brand, were living up to our mission statement. We also used the feedback from the public surveys to make some changes on how we run and update this site. So what are the results/changes?

Now our feedback from the public surveys was similar to our in-house review process. We found that most of you wanted more news-related topics, especially breaking news. Most of you also wanted a two-times-a-week site update, rather the three-times-a-week setup. In addition, the results show that most of you want better compatibility to mobile and e-reader devices, perhaps even creating a download option for our content.

We will try our best to make these changes. It probably will not be as drastic as the changes to the Zodiac system, but we will try our best. We are not experts in wordpress or web site development; however, if you are, we would love to have you help us or be our Website Guru (name to be negotiated) -> please email Sonny at sonny@healthymentoday.com for more details.

We should be back with regular updates in the upcoming weeks. Until then, please follow us on twitter @HealthyMenToday as we are constantly updating there.

Live Well, Be Well.

-HMT Staff


Picture Credit:  Sean MacEntee (Smemon87)