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Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Let’s take a look at the health news for the last two weeks.

1) A law that would have required stores that carry cigarettes to put up posters of diseased lungs and brains was rejected on Wednesday.  The judge ruled that the move would have violated federal law, since only the federal government is allowed to regulate cigarette warnings.

2)The world’s first organ donor has passed away this week.  Ronald Lee Harrick donated a kidney to his twin brother in 1954, giving his brother an extra 8 years of life. This was the first successful organ transplant in the world, which revolutionized an entire line of treatment.  The doctor, Joseph Murray, received a Nobel Prize for his work.

3)A recent analysis of tap water in 31 cities has shown a possible carcinogen is present.  Called hexavalent chromium, it has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals. Though the federal government has not yet set a limit for the maximum allowed amount of hexavalent chromium, a decision is in the works.

4)There has been another e.coli scare this week.  In California, First Class Foods has recalled 34,373 pounds of organic ground beef. Though cases have not yet been linked to the beef, the company is taking precautions.

5) According to usa.gov, the top New Year’s Resolutions are always fairly similar. Coming in for the top 5 are the following:

Drink Less Alcohol

Get a Better Education

Get a Better Job

Get Fit

Lose Weight

Good luck, and have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year’s Eve!