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What a crazy year! The year, 2010, is almost ending, but did you ever get free time to reflect on how far you have progress as a person, as a family member, and as a global citizen? If not, we at HealthyMenToday.com urge you all to take the Holidays, where most of us have “time off,” to reflect on yourself and gauge how near you are to that healthy and positive lifestyle you wanted to live or wanted your family and your planet to live and provide ?

Being close to three months old as a website and still relatively new to the “blogging-sphere” or “online media” (however you like to call it), there’s much to reflect on HealthyMenToday.com over the Holidays for me and the contributors.  As a whole, we all will be reflecting during Holidays on how we can better connect with you (our readers), such as do we need different topics to discuss or even go deeper in the blogs we already have up.  We like to cater to what you need or what topics we can help with.  Of course, you are now probably thinking…

“Why don’t you just create a survey?”
GREAT IDEA! –> Please take the time to complete the survey and please feel free to be as critical as you like (Please here for the link).

For me personally, I will be reflecting on how I can improve on reaching more people and collaborators for HealthyMenToday.com. According to my web consultants, for a brand new site and brand new domain, HealthyMenToday is doing respectable numbers, but I feel that over the last three months, we had some REALLY solid posts with amazing, engaging, and informative content.  Of course, if you have any ideas or want to help, please feel free to email me at <a href=sonny@HealthyMenToday.com

A very important part of personal reflection is identifying those who you are grateful to have in your life. Life is precious and short. I am very thankful for all the contributors, supporters, fans, friends, and family. Making this transition to a new site was very difficult, but you all made the difference, as I relied on your energy, your support, and your motivation. I enjoyed reading your emails and comments, even the “bad” ones, especially the few that said “I should have never left my previous position.”  Either way, I am happy that for some of you, our pieces change a little bit of your life towards the better, and I hope you all understand that you all have touched mine by simplying reading and writing to me. Also, if you don’t know or haven’t been on Facebook and Twitter for a while, HealthyMenToday has a Facebook Fan page and Twitter page. Please “Like Us” and “Follow” us! Either @HealthyMenToday or I (@sonnypatel) will follow you on twitter if you mention us in a positive way! Our goal is to get 1000 people for both sites.

Although terrorism, diseases, and all that stuff do not take holidays, we at HealthyMenToday.com will be taking a short one to reflect and relax. During this time, please take a moment to give us honest feedback, “Like Us” on Facebook, “Follow” us on Twitter, and oh, don’t forget to do a self-reflection too! You think you can do all that homework during the Holidays?  If so, see you all next week with Factual Fridays!