28,600 miles, 598 hours, 35,880 minutes, 2,152,800 seconds – that is last year’s grand total of my daily grind to and from work. Little known fact – the circumference of world is 24,902 miles. Yes, I know comparing those facts is just disheartening – I could have travelled around the globe and see the exquisite wonders of the world with those logged hours.  Instead, I get to see the vivid black clouds coming out of tail pipes.  But I have no choice, I have to do it. It’s to go to work.

If you have not noticed or chose to just watch the Cartoon Network as I have tried several times, we are in a recession – the market still has yet to offer permanent jobs to the unemployed.  So that means people are not only working harder and longer but also commuting much further for jobs – just to generate a yearly income like I am. Ignoring cities with a great transportation infrastructure like New York City or London where the car is not the main vehicle…

Congrats Prince William and Kate Middleton on the Engagement!!!

Let me be the first to tell you that our mutual friend – Traffic aka Gridlock aka Losing $ on gas – Does have an effect on your health and well being!  After hearing  Dr. David Lewis’ findings recently (the guy who coined “Road Rage”), he got me thinking:

In T-R-A-F-F-I-C:

The brain has to work harder It better or else you will be rear ending someone

Congestion can raise blood pressure Ever heard of road rage?

Physical tension to your body Is that why my back hurts?

The sense of wasting one’s life Don’t tell me this has never crossed your mind

Those who have commuted in a car for long period of times – that thing you feel – stomach cramps, wobbly legs, light headedness and that notion of life is fading is probably Hidden Stress! Not the buffet at Sizzler. I am no doctor, but it has been years since I have been there.

Since I showed you the ill and mental effects of the “wear and tear” – it might be a good idea to provide you with some tips.

I have highlighted a few of them below:

What can you do?

Do not be a maniacKeep your good manners even if you are in a car

Be calm & breathe We all are in the same boat – not getting anywhere faster

Get enough sleep So you can be alert and relaxed

Plan ahead Google maps traffic is my app and my friend- check alternative routes

Eat/Drink healthy & proper You never know how long you will be on the road

Do not play the music so loud You think it correlates to your aggression?

Practice safe driving That is if you value human life & your car insurance premiums

Alternative methods and suggestions:

Carpool – Saves money and time

Workout/run errands – After work before hitting the freeway – let the traffic die down

Call your mother – Talking on the phone to someone gets your mind off the miserable traffic..but don’t forget to use hands-free device!

Move! – Maybe an option for some and the last resort for others

I have been in traffic in Bejing before and I tell you I could not stand it for that one time in 2007. But what happened over there a few months ago in the “60 mile traffic jam” where people left their cars to catch a break and still there was no movement for hours was just a nightmare.

Seriously, sorry, if you are in that – ignore with what I just said above – I would have just sold my car on the freeway at the T-Dub Stress Free Who Cares Red Tag Special…

… & Walked home and said Peace out A-Town. Oh yeah, if you don’t think traffic is a serious problem, LA and Beijing have recently started discussion on a solution.

Till next time… This Bloke is out