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The health issues in recent news involve heart attacks, HIV, drugs for breast cancer, and saccharin.

1)  In addition to its well-known ability to prevent heart attacks, aspirin may also reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer.   However, experts say it’s too early to recommend that healthy people take it on a daily basis

2) Researchers in Germany reported that they may have cured a man with HIV, using a stem-cell transplant.  They were attempting to treat his myeloid leukemia, and the stem cells came from a donor with a rare gene mutation that makes them resistant to HIV.  Read more coverage at the CNN Health Page.

3) On Thursday, the FDA decided to revoke approval for a popular breast cancer drug.    The drug, called Avastin, is widely prescribed, but the FDA said it is not effective in helping patients.  It was a nearly unanimous vote to rescind approval.  The drug maker, Generech, is allowed to request a hearing, and it will remain on the market to treat other types of cancer.  Read more coverage at the New York Times Health Blog.

4) Saccharin, an artificial sweetener that was once considered dangerous, has received a clean bill of health.  In the 80’s, saccharin  was declared a potential human carcinogen.  However, in the past 20 years, scientists have failed to definitely link the sweetener to cancer, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed saccharin from its list of hazardous substances. Read more coverage at CNN Health Blog.