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I went to a new dentist a couple of weeks ago for the typical cleaning and checkup appointment.  After he stuck his rubber finger in my mouth and poked around, he said all is well.  He then asked if I had any questions.  Given the green light, I asked him about teeth grinding since I had an episode a few months back for about a week where I was grinding my teeth at night.  He didn’t tell me anything special or different than what I had read on the internet but he did suggest I buy a night guard which costs about $600 mind you if the dental lab fabricates it (and I’m sure a nice handsome kickback for Dr. Integrity).

Now I understand that teeth grinding (aka bruxism) is cause for concern and should be taken seriously.  It can cause enamel wear and tear, crooked teeth, headaches, painful jaws, etc. just to list a few effects.  But $600?  They make it sound like I’m buying a lollipop.

Lucky for me, insurances don’t cover night guards.  But, lucky for me, the doctor’s office would pay for half of the bill.  So let me get this straight.  5 months ago I grinded my teeth for 7 days and it’s no longer a recurring issue for me now, yet, they think it’s a good idea for me to spend $300 to wear a mouth guard to protect against teeth grinding which isn’t happening!

I have a better idea.  Why don’t I buy a mouth night guard online for $21.99 (comes in a two pack too!) and Dr. Dolittle can take that rubber finger and stick it you know where.

Oral health is imperative, but so is my financial health.