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From finding the latest gossip to the new leaked songs by our favorite artists, we use YouTube for many reasons. The surprising part is that not too many people use YouTube for learning how to make healthy foods that can dazzle their friends, families, and love ones.   In order to fix this and start a new trend, Healthy Men Today will be highlighting the best that YouTube can offer, starting with our friend, Diana Stobo, author of Get Naked Fast!, who regularly uploads healthy and easy “How To” videos that almost anyone can follow.

Today’s lesson is to eliminate those old Chili Cheese Fries while watching Football to something new. Anyone try Chili Cheese Jicama Fries? No? If you can find Jicama near you (check your local Farmer’s Market, if all else fails), it’s definitively worth a try. Below is today’s Healthy “How To” Video by Diana Stobo:

Maybe it is time to stop eating Sonic’s Chili Cheese Fries and make your own?


Blurb about Diana Stobo:

Diana Stobo lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. She is a classically trained Cornell culinary artist and raw food advocate who healed herself through food. She teaches the raw food lifestyle in classes, retreats and live presentations on local television and in Whole Foods Markets. An inspirational and motivational speaker, Diana changes lives with her delicious and fully accessible recipes that make maintaining the raw lifestyle easy and fun to incorporate. You can find more information about Diana Stobo’s work, including recipes and more helpful tips about raw food, at www.DianaStobo.com.