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Yes, voters actually came to the polls and voted. According to David A. Fonseca’s article at the South Pasadena Patch, South Pasadena had roughly  increased voter turnouts by 20%, compared to their 2006 elections. Looking from the graph provided by Fonseca (see below), you can see that voters in South Pasadena have been getting out there to vote and beating the averages for voter-turnout in Los Angeles County and California since 2006.  How did your state do? Find out here!

South Pasadena voter turnout over the past decade.  Credit David A. Fonseca

After voting, majority of the country watched a healthy dose of TV, in hopes to learn the results ASAP. Surprisingly, Fox News lead the night, especially since CNN typically had better marketing campaigns. Perhaps it’s time for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to have his own post-election live show? Wait…they did and those 200,000+ from their rally didn’t get others to tune in? Perhaps Fox News did provide the best coverage?

Well, let me leave HealthyMenToday’s first annual election coverage with a TED talk about that science-fiction-electronic-voting that I used to encourage everyone to vote. Maybe voting by Facebook and Twitter are still countless years?


Photo credit: Robert Palmer at http://www.flickr.com/photos/robertpalmer