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In the modern world with facebook, twitter, and the next hot internet star, after Antoine Dodson that is, we, as United States citizens, can easily forget the importance and the power of voting. For example, some younger voters might forget to put a stamp on their mail-in ballots; some might forget to schedule 10 minutes to stop by the polling station and vote, while others might just sleepwalk through this year’s elections. Whether you are informed or not, you have the honor of voting because you are a United States citizen. Just like the California Lotto, we may not win with all our selections in this year’s election and even few of us will lose in a landslide and be in disbelief for few days, but none of us can complain about the outcome of the election, if we didn’t vote. I hear too much grief from my friends with foreign citizenship who are not allowed to vote, yet still have to pay taxes in the United States.

Although I probably mentioned this many times to Ankur, let me share with you a hypothetical future scenario if voter turnout decreases. If voting attendance decreases substantially over the next few years, there might be a push to vote electronically or even via cell phones. It may not be simple like voting on American Idol and I am sure there’s probably going to be hackers trying to steal your vote, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Google, Facebook, or Twitter may get involved to revolutionize voting and elections as we know it…in a scary way, that is. Sorry Yahoo, but we love your Fantasy Football Leagues too much to entangle you with more responsibilities and possible controversy – can you say ballots with dimple pixels anyone? Anyway, just remember to vote today and prevent online voting – it could be scarier than putting a stamp on an envelope or taking 10 minutes on election day…which is today!

Find your polling stations using google maps or if in California, here’s the link to SOS.

Photo Credit: Infrogmation at http://www.flickr.com/photos/infrogmation/