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If you couldn’t tell from last night, Halloween is notorious for being the worst holiday to maintain a healthy lifestyle, although Thanksgiving and my friend’s Taco Party come close in second and third.  Come on, you all saw the “hot mess” yesterday either at your doors, streets, and/or bars/parties. No, I am not talking about the costumes of Lady Gaga, Snookie and Pauly D,  or Iowa’s students dressed as  Teletubbies (Yes, all 4 Teletubbies were present at the televised football game versus Michgan State on Saturday – how else you think Iowa won by a landslide of 37 to 6?).  You have guys like me who are regularly health conscientious that were just turned zombie-like into chocolate crazed lunatics.  I mean, I was so addictive that I took my cousins to the local Doughnut shop, in hopes our “trick or treat” prize would be their famous cinnamon twist.

It’s sad but I know I am not the only one. Its hard to think healthy when there’s so much temptation around us. I had a crazy thought last night while intoxicated with sugar that only people high on Kit-Kat and Doughnuts would know – what if people passed out bags of baby carrots or apples next Halloween, instead of Snickers and all the high fructose corn syrup goodies that we are use to? Sure, it would be shady to see ziplock bags of vegetables or fruits, but what if we could get ReadyPac or Safeway to put together a “Healthy Treat.” I know I would buy it in bulk, so Costco, I am pitching this first to you.  Just a thought, even if you are not in a sugar crazed state of mind.

Please feel free to leave comments below and let us know what your ideas are?