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Unlike other sites, HMT will not shy away from passionate individuals, especially those who like to contribute regularly. No matter the background, spirited people use this proverbial “everlasting fuel” that can ignite any topic and ideas. I was fortunate to meet my two new writers, Mr. Derek Smith and Mr. TJ Williams, whose backgrounds consist something not traditional to men’s health blogging…the business world – to be specific financial investment and corporate growth strategy.

Yes, I was hoping that they would teach me something from business school, but instead I found two passionate men who read and research up about their health and about others’ health around them as well. After mentioning to them that I edit and write on men’s health issues, Derek and TJ threw out tons of issues in men’s health such as in fitness, nutrition, and work-related topics that either they have learned through experience or saw others around them go through. Not only did they bring out valid points but both were funny and have a great and refreshing perspective to share. I am not going to lie; I felt I went through a cosmic explosion of great ideas and thoughts from talking with them after few minutes.

Although Derek and TJ do not have health degrees, their experiences and their passion, which will be evident in their blogs (which will be mainly seen in Break Away, Strive, and Men At Work categories) will highlight issues that face men commonly. You can expect pieces by Derek and TJ to be ones that will be great to read, share, and easily connect with.

Personally, I found that passion is an intangible ingredient that can fuel and ignite the accomplishment of great possibilities. With adding Derek and TJ, I hope you find their passion will help you to accomplish great possibilities in your life…while perhaps even getting a laugh or two in the process.