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We live in a world today where almost everything affects our health. Newly elected government officials and the politics of legislation are impactful in most countries but especially in the United States and in California specifically. For this, HMT welcomes the addition of a hard-working man covering the scene, Mr. Ankur Patel, from Los Angeles.

Ankur is an outgoing and persistent person who will not only answer the tough questions but also read the exceptionally long and time-consuming propositions and bills out in legislation. Although Ankur will not shy away from his opinion and beliefs (which HMT may not endorse, please see disclaimer), his goal is to give the whole picture of what the government is doing. He is committed to bringing the latest news about the government to the public especially in health-related topics, and analyze how today’s decisions will affect tomorrow’s future.
Ankur is the product of public education in California (UCLA graduate) and devout citizen of Los Angeles. HMT hopes that you will join us and travel further down the rabbit hole with Ankur as he writes for HMT (in The Blur category) and uses Los Angeles public transportation to attend city council meetings, election rallies, town halls, etc. to be your voice in the matter.