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HMT Shield LogoAs the title says, welcome to the new brand in men’s health. First, thanks for visiting HealthyMenToday (HMT) on its opening week. It is a special moment for me and all the HMT supporters. With 10/10/10 being World’s Mental Health Day, it is only fitting that HealthyMenToday embarks its’ official journey to helping men’s well-being for the whole wide world.  This site was founded on hard working sweat, tears, blood, and love by a multitude of people. For those who are reading this, I really want to thank you and I will not forget your dedication and support. We live in times where personal hidden agendas control majority decisions and I appreciate the selfless supporters who understand the value of speaking up on behalf of the suppressed population.  Although HMT will have my similar goals as my previous Chief Editor position, HealthyMenToday will commit further to interact and communicate about issues that trouble men and those surrounding them today.

As before, I expect HMT’s pieces to empower men, boys, families, and everyone surrounding them to take action on addressing the health issues in their lives, whether it is adopting a small lifestyle change or discussing (and perhaps advocating) a health policy or health research. HMT’s pieces will build and develop our readers’ knowledge in an informative, enlightening, and entertaining way.  HMT will cover and discuss the latest politics and policies happening. Lastly, I want our readers to keep touch with reality. Things don’t happen over night and that we all can take steps to progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Although HMT will to cover a wide range of topics (and open to address any issues you like by emailing the Editor-in-Chief), below are HMT’s featured specialty blog categories and sections:

Break Away will tend to cover health issues regarding sports, media, fitness, alternative & complementary treatments, and natural remedies.

Strive will tend to cover issues regarding empowerment, lifestyle, nutrition, parenting, and education-related topics.

Men at Work will tend to cover issues regarding workplace, public policy, medical issues, medical treatment, medical research, and access to care.

The Blur – Opt-ed style and commentary on any various topics from politics to sports that affect us all.

Be a Man, Ask Ms. April – Questions or topics selected from the readers sent to Editor-in-Chief

With that said, I encourage you all to please sign up for HMT’s newsletter and feel free to send me comments about our postings, as our writers love to engage in conversions about their pieces.

If you like to write a piece or suggest a piece for HMT, or just want more information about HMT (perhaps even fund a HMT campaign?), please send me a note.

Thanks again for stopping by HealthyMenToday, and I hope you will learn, be empowered, be informed, and simply enjoy from reading our pieces each week.

Live well, be well.